I’ve been kinda done with acnl for a little but I’m gonna try playing it again.


thank you for giving me your pic three times marshal


Canberra was trying to catch a ladybug. So I walked through the flower, and she looked so betrayed.


I love these two, they’re just precious <33333


on the case


@_@ sttttickersssss for the giveaway winner!

they’re transparent o:

please do not repost/use without credit!


Mayor Akane and her two favorite villagers (guess who they are)

they’re sitting in snow who does that you all are gonna have wet bums

i had a different bg but i scrapped it *tapdances away*

Elmer once told me about an alien that steals toothbrushes. This is comedy gold
Diff anon but thanks for explaining! :)

No problem! Hope I helped. ; - ; 

Never feel afraid to ask me questions like that, I’ll help to the best of my ability.

I'm sorry if this is rude but can you please explain gender fluid to me? You are the first person I've seen identify that way and I tried looking it up but the information is kind of confusing to me. Like I don't understand all of the terminology. Would you mind explaining what it's like to you?

Genderfluidity is basically you don’t always feel like the same gender, whether it be male, female, nonbinary, etc

I’m typically good with either pronouns, but I sometimes get in moods where I have preferred ones, like right now I’ve been using female and nongengered (they/them) pronouns.

The reason why I identify as genderfluid is because even though I feel like a girl at times, at other times I’m uncomfortable in my skin and feel like I should actually be male. But not always.Sometimes I feel like a mix of both male and female and sometimes like neither. It’s fluid.

Sorry if I explained that wonky.


singing dog

then i first created my OC Dexter Cade Hargrave he was based on myself and looked like this.

I made him for Pokemon Tabletop and I never really go to use him because after my first character died some crazy stuff happened and we stopped playing.

he’s changed a lot since i first designed him, but I like this out fit for the gang au?

the second piece is NOT mine it was a commission I ordered form a user on a different forum site


Don’t trust that stray, he’ll leave us as soon as the neighboring gang offers him a bigger bone.

doodle for the gang au lmao