haven’t been able to actually sit down and draw for a while so i did a few quick drawings of the smug and jock villagers in my new leaf town. i am also trying to find a good watercolour brush and i think i might have got it.


flan catches her sharks by hand


I was almost home

Oh no, my computer is being weird. I can’t even get it to turn off. I guess I’ll let the battery drain and mess with it in the morning :/


I love Pascal so freaking much<333


Mayor Donnie as a Cranky Bear villager! Original concept by whoopie-crossing

doing QUITE a lot of renovation. changing up space and void’s about pages a bit.

my page is gonna look a little wonky for a bit as i straighten things out.


Baby Rosie!!

In case you couldn’t tell, she is my favorite villager.


i’m 4 away from 400 already like wow didn’t i just hit 300 at the beginning of this week?

Follow this nerd they’re really cool


Be with someone who gives you the same feeling you get when you see Phineas walking around your town




"don’t blink!"

(sorry, there was no blue phone box lol)

This is perfect

excuse me as I flail my arms.


people who can’t handle all black outfits are weak


Looking for Portia the snooty dog!

I have a space in my town and she is my last dream villager, please message me if you have her in boxes! I can pay bells or give you items off this list.

Signal boosting is also appreciated!